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Why let the business side of marriage overshadow the love? While love is the focus of your wedding and marriage, that does not mean all else can be ignored. A prenuptial agreement can help eliminate worry of the financial ramifications should dissolution occur down the line, and it allows each party to enter knowing exactly what the future holds “businesswise,” regardless of the marriage’s success.

At The Virga Law Firm, we understand the need for prenuptial agreements and we are knowledgeable about Florida laws regarding enforceable prenuptials. Let us help you create a prenuptial agreement that relieves the stress of marriage as a business relationship and allows you to focus on the love you are cultivating.

Prenuptial Coverage

A prenuptial agreement can provide asset protection for whatever the future holds. By creating a prenup, both spouse’s financial obligations and rights are detailed, eliminating any wonder and removing the burden of figuring it out in the unknown climate of the future.

Guidelines and issues that a prenuptial agreement can cover include:

  • Stipulations for the case of adultery
  • Division of assets and liabilities
  • Spousal support
  • Protection of inheritance of preexisting children
  • Protection of a preexisting business
  • Control of marriage property
  • Life insurance policy proceeds
  • Preexisting debt

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers in Destin, FL

Your wedding should not be a day of worry and your marriage does not have to be tainted with apprehension about the future. If you have assets to protect, inheritance to designate for your children or debt that is no responsibility of your new spouse, a prenuptial agreement can protect both parties. Our team of Destin prenuptial agreement attorneys can help you ensure you have nothing to worry about as you say, “I do.” You can design a prenuptial agreement that sets everyone’s minds at ease so there are no lingering questions about the “what if” scenarios in life.

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