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Judges in Florida can choose to appoint a general magistrate to help supplement their immense caseloads. Although judges generally oversee matters of serious consequence, such as major criminal violations and civil matters involving catastrophic injuries, they often delegate their minor duties to the magistrate. If your family law dispute is sent before a magistrate, you have the right to object.

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Most magistrates are able to process cases faster than a judge, which is why the party initiating the divorce often want their case to go to the magistrate. Although the magistrate is helpful and can speed up your divorce case, it is important to remember that they are not judges. Magistrates are not appointed by the governor or by voters and are instead licensed attorneys selected by a judge to assist with heavy caseloads. The magistrate doesn’t issue orders in cases and must submit their written recommendation to the judge for approval.

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There are certain circumstances where you can object to the magistrate’s report and recommendations. Our lawyers are here to provide their professional experience and evaluate your case to determine if appearing before a magistrate or judge is best for your case. We can explain all of the complex issues associated with your case and build a legal strategy that will protect your rights.

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