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Security Deposit Disputes

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One of the most common situations landlords have to deal with in the practice of property management is security deposit disputes. Florida States section 83.49 governs how landlords and tenants must handle the security deposit, claim and objection. Unfortunately, the statute is not entirely clear on all matters of importance regarding security deposits.

Legal Assistance to Deal with Security Deposit Disputes

Many times, tenants object to the security deposit claim simply in an effort to make the landlord give up and return the deposit, even if proper claims were made. At the same time, some landlords make wrongful claims on the security deposit but do not know how to properly respond to a tenant objection. Meanwhile, the security deposit dispute goes unresolved for months, if not years.

Our Destin property management attorneys at The Virga Law Firm, P.A. have vast experience with security deposit claims and objections, both from the landlord and tenant perspective. We have helped resolve hundreds of disputes efficiently and correctly. Not every case requires filing a lawsuit or going to court, too, which saves our clients time, money, and energy. In the vast majority of cases, we can help you resolve the dispute with a simple letter or settlement negotiation.

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