Supportive Counsel You Can Rely On

Destin Property Management Attorneys

Legal Guidance for Any Property-Related Complication

As a property owner, investor, or manager, you can encounter any number of legal challenges in an average day. To keep everything in order and prevent small issues from becoming big problems, let The Virga Law Firm, P.A. and our property management lawyers in Destin handle legal matters on your behalf. Not only will you want our legal services, but there may even be situations in which you need to be represented by an attorney!

Our property management services are popular throughout Destin because we provide:

  • Direct legal counsel when you have any sort of landlord-tenant law matter.
  • Quick responses to inquiries, no matter the time or day.
  • Legally-minded advice for how to direct your property-related business or firm.
  • Legally-sound responses to tenant inquiries or complaints.
  • Property management preparation services.
  • One license to use a library of our legal documents.
  • Discussions on how to maximize profit by using attorney-prepared contracts and provisions.
  • Experienced counsel for handling security deposit disputes and related settlements.
  • Start-to-finish support and direction for legal evictions.
  • Defense for tenant lawsuits regarding security deposit returns.
  • Much, much more!

Your property management company deserves to be the best it can be. To reach that goal, you are going to need to know you are ready for any legal confrontation or complication that could be on the horizon. Call
(800) 822-5170 to speak with Attorney Tim Baldwin of The Virga Law Firm, P.A. He heads our landlord-tenant law division and has more than a decade of property management experience.

Property Management Simplified with Legal Plans

Not sure how much help you need with property management? Every company and property is different, so it can be hard to know right away. Our Destin property management attorneys can sit down with you and discuss our several property management legal plans to see which best fits your unique situation. Call (800) 822-5170 to learn more.

Gold Legal Plan:

  • Included in monthly fee:
    • Residential landlord-tenant issue legal advice
    • Discussions of important legal updates
    • Property management document preparation for a great number of document types
    • Provide proper wording for legal notices, e.g. 7 day notice to cure
    • License for use of and access to various legal documents prepared by our attorneys
    • Preparation of legal forms needed to enforce lease terms against tenants
    • Legal consultation about tenants’ security deposit objections and disputes
    • Handling plaintiff county court residential non-contested evictions
  • Other legal services made available at a low, discounted hourly rate:
    • Handle contested eviction cases
    • Defend you in county or small claims court in cases filed by tenants in pursuit of security deposit return
    • File for injunctions against tenants where allowed by law (FS 83.681)
    • Lease and renewal form attorney signatures (low fee per attorney signature)
    • Send written response to tenant security deposit objection (low flat fee per letter)

(Monthly cost of Gold Legal Plan varies depending on the units you manage that are enrolled in the plan. Call
(800) 822-5170 for more information about rates.)

Silver Legal Plan:

  • Included in monthly fee:
    • License for use of various legal documents prepared by our attorneys
    • Legal counsel for certain lease agreement preparations
    • Residential landlord-tenant issue legal advice
    • Drafting of attorney letters to tenants outside of lease compliancy
    • Other legal services billed at hourly rate

(Monthly cost of Silver Legal Plan varies depending on the units you manage enrolled in the plan. Call (800) 822-5170 for more information about rates.)

Eviction Service Plan:

  • Preparation and filing of an eviction order in any Florida county court
    • $225 flat-fee for nonpayment of rent evictions, non-contested
    • $450 flat-fee for other lease violations, non-contested
    • Reduced hourly rate used if eviction becomes contested
    • Legal advice at no additional fee

(Eviction Service Plan fees and rates may be subject to change and are available to qualifying property management companies and entities.)

Response to Security Deposit Objection:

  • Preparation of written legal responses given to tenants who object to landlord’s claim on security deposit
    • $100 flat fee per response for qualifying and approved clients (hourly rate used otherwise)

Increase your property management company’s proficiency with our help. Arrange a consultation with our Destin property management lawyers today.