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Enforcement of Court Orders in Destin, FL

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Court orders in family law cases typically involve child support, alimony and child custody, and some cases may also involve domestic violence and restraining orders. Whether you are facing an ex-spouse who refuses to pay, battling with someone who doesn’t want to let you see your children, dealing with a hostile ex-spouse or seeking protection from domestic violence, you have a right to be heard.

Dealing with court orders can be messy and stressful, so it is vital to have the support of a Destin family law attorney to ensure things are taken care of accurately and swiftly. Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about the rights of parents and the financial support needed to care for children. We sympathize with the frustration that parties feel when their counterparts do not comply with the law, as determined in their divorce or restraining order, and we are here to help enforce orders when this is the case.

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Divorce Decrees

A spouse can be in violation of a divorce court order in several ways, including:

  • Withholding child custody payments
  • Custodial parent not allowing visitation
  • Non-custodial parent attempting to keep children
  • Non-custodial parent visiting during non-designated times
  • Refusal to pay alimony

In these situations, an divorce attorney at The Virga Law Firm can help you hold the person accountable and ensure things will resume as originally decided upon.

Don’t let a negligent or hostile spouse disrupt the new life you are building. Your sanity, financial solidity and the care of your children are dependent upon stability and routine, as laid out in your divorce decree. We can help enforce those declarations, so you can worry about what really matters: your children, your health and your new life.

Court Orders in Cases of Domestic Violence

If you are currently trying to escape a situation involving domestic violence, whether or not you’re divorcing, you may need a restraining order. We can help with the enforcement of this type of court order as well. Your safety is protected by the law as soon as your restraining order is accepted, and compliance is non-negotiable. If your e is not compliant, contact our office to discuss next steps and get the protection you deserve.

Wrongfully Accused

We understand that life can sometimes get out of control. We know that circumstances can change, finances can diminish and, sometimes, things happen that we have no way of rectifying. If you are accused of contempt of court and you need defense, our team can help. We will examine all evidence and challenge the allegations because we know how important your rights are and how such fraudulence can destroy them.

Court Order Attorneys in Destin, FL

If you are dealing with an ex-spouse in contempt of a court order or you are facing contempt claims, our Destin lawyers can help. We are equipped to examine your case and determine the next steps so you can rest assured that the future will be bright. It is our goal to resolve the situation efficiently and to relieve as much stress as possible for our clients.

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