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Destin Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce, the chances are that some issues regarding your relationship with your spouse cannot be resolved. Whether these issues stem from fundamental differences in personality, incompatible visions of the future, or other fundamental conflicts, finding common ground is an achievement that usually takes hours of negotiation and discussion.

If you and your spouse have a mutual understanding of what rights and obligations each of you will come out of the marriage with, you should consider filing an uncontested divorce. In such cases, you should seek the advice of a skilled Destin family law attorney with experience in uncontested divorces. At The Virga Law Firm P.A., you can enlist the professional help of one of our accomplished divorce lawyers. Backed by over 80 years of combined experience, we can help make sure you and your spouse have a clean break from your marriage with your rights and interests intact.

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What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Marriage is a legally recognized relationship that bestows on individuals certain rights and obligations. As a result, Florida courts have judicial authority to make legal and factual determinations regarding the formation and dissolution of a person’s marriage. The primary issues that occupy the court’s interest when effectuating a divorce involve each spouse’s privileges and responsibilities concerning property division, financial support for spouses and minor children, and child custody, if applicable.

When spouses cannot agree on the terms involving those issues, the divorce is considered a contested proceeding, and each spouse must advocate for their particular vision about what the parties are entitled to take away from the divorce. However, if spouses agree on the essential terms of their divorce, it is considered an uncontested divorce proceeding.

What Are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?

Because spouses agree on the vital issues of dissolving their marriage before filing a divorce petition, uncontested divorces are generally easier to process for the court. Unlike contested divorces, an uncontested divorce demands virtually no judicial intervention. The parties don’t have to worry about making court appearances, scheduling court dates or lining up witnesses for hearings. As a result, uncontested divorces pull less financial resources than contested divorces.

The primary advantages uncontested divorces have over contested divorces include:

  • Greater autonomy for the parties;
  • Better efficiency in resolving disputes;
  • Enhanced privacy; and
  • Reduced stress and emotional conflict.

However, the key to a successful uncontested divorce is mutual respect and understanding. If the parties are fundamentally incapable of viewing their situation from the other’s perspective, the benefits of an uncontested divorce will likely be nullified.

How Does an Uncontested Divorce Work?

Like a contested divorce, uncontested divorces are initiated when one spouse files a divorce petition with the court, specifying the essential terms by which the parties agree to be bound. Unlike a contested divorce, the spouses have already reached an agreement regarding the key provisions governing their divorce before they file a petition for dissolution of marriage. All discussions and negotiations about the form and effect of a divorce are completed by the time the petition is filed with the court. That way there is little chance the spouse responding to the divorce petition will reneg at the 11th hour.

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