Balancing Halloween & Custody Schedules for the Recently Divorced

Holidays are always challenging for recently divorced parents and their children, and Halloween is no exception. While other children are preparing their costumes and dreaming of trick-or-treating adventures, your child might still be processing the ramifications of their new reality. If your child isn’t feeling the holiday spirit, you can work with your ex to guarantee that your child has a happy Halloween.

Being a Responsible Co-Parent

Being a responsible co-parent means thinking of your child’s needs before your hurt or angry feelings. After all, the children of divorced parents often feel a lot of pressure and guilt when upcoming holidays draw near. With this in mind, it’s important to never ask your child which parent they would prefer to spend the holiday with. After all, your child can’t enjoy a night of candy hunting if they’re worried they broke their parent’s heart.

If you have a civil relationship with your ex, you may be able to work together to plan a trick-or-treating schedule for your child. You can take your child out together, or just split the evening so that your child can hit two separate neighborhoods. Kids rarely say no to extra candy! We know that it can be difficult to spend time with a former spouse, but making this effort could mean the world to your child. It proves that their needs and feelings supersede any residual negativity from your divorce.

Working Around the Custody Schedule

If your relationship with your ex is more hostile, you may have to think up alternative plans, especially if Halloween doesn’t fall on your parenting day. Having a comprehensive custody plan means that you may not be able to spend every holiday with your child. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the holiday at all. You can plan a separate event with your child that doesn’t conflict with your divorce settlement. For example, some parents plan creative Halloween events the weekend before or after Halloween.

Double the holiday fun by planning an event your child would enjoy:

  • Costume shopping day
  • Halloween decorating party
  • An age-appropriate horror movie marathon
  • Pumpkin carving and similar holiday art projects

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