Timesharing and Military Obligations

Military families undergo an especially heavy amount of stress. Often times, soldiers can feel like they are living two entirely separate lives, doing their best to balance the needs of their family and serve their country. When military families go through a divorce, there can be quite a few questions that arise from deployment and child timesharing. The section below will help ensure that you have adequate knowledge during your deployment, and that your rights are fully represented.

Timesharing Options During Deployment

Florida Statute 61.13002 states, that if good reason is found to temporarily modify the timesharing plan, a judge can do so. This is particularly important for military members who are the majority timesharing parent, but also face a deployment. When confronted with this situation, military parents have a few options:

  • If the deployment is longer than 90 consecutive days, the service member is allowed to designate a third party to take their place. However, that third party must be a family member or a stepparent.
  • The court can temporarily change the timesharing and child support for when the service member parent returns. When the parents goes on leave, the court can grant extended time for the parent to be with their children. The judge will decide on an individual case basis.

The court’s motive is not to penalize the service member for their deployments, but to find the best solution for both child and parent. However, this can be extremely hard on Florida military members especially when they feel that their rights are not being thoroughly represented.

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